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Happy New Year Wishes for Lover

Happy New Year Wishes for Lover

Are you searching for happy new year wishes for lover be it husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend? then here are romantic happy new year sweetheart wishes to make them happy and feel the love of Xmas.

This Christmas season is a time to show care to those you love, it’s a time to cherish your boyfriend with romantic new year wishes for boyfriend and to your girlfriend whom you love with new year wishes for girlfriend 2020, a relationship that lacks love messages is a dumb relationship, make your partner have a reason to smile this Xmas, win his or her soul with new year wishes for loved one.new year wishes for her

Happy new year wishes for lover

  1. As the clock strikes 12 tonight, I want to kiss you harder than I ever have before, so that the end of my year is amazing, and the start of the new one even better!  Happy New Year!
  2. Although today is not our anniversary, it’s still a big milestone. New Year’s Eve with you is very special. I love you, and Happy New Year, love.
  3. Perfect romance begins on New Year’s Eve. After all these years, we’re still so happy together. May the New Year be as bright as before.
  4.  They said love is blind. We would not progress. For sure we have proved them wrong. Happy New Year my love!
  5. Let’s celebrate the New Year together! It’s the best way to start a new year. Happy New Year my dear!
  6. From the moment you said yes. My life has become more and more blessed. Happy New Year My love!new year wishes for her

New year wishes for loved one

  1. I always dreamed of being with the man I love as the New Year starts. Thank you for making my dreams come true.
  2. Today, we let go of all the misery that might have happened in the previous year, we let go of all the negativity, of all the fights, and all the sadness. The only things that we choose to take along with us to the year that is about to come, is the love we share for each other, and the happiness we’ve given each other over the year. Happy New Year!
  3. I can’t believe I have this amazing life with you by my side. Cheers to another year of growing, loving and persisting. Happy New Yearhappy new year wishes for lover
  4. It’s not just another New Year when I’m with you. You make me whole, and I’m beyond happy to celebrate New Year’s day with you.
  5. I’m writing my New Year’s resolution, and loving you is at the top of my list. Happy New Year, dear one.
  6. Get ready for the party of your life. Tonight is the night to celebrate how far we’ve come together. Happy New Year, dearest.new year wishes for her

Happy new year sweetheart

  1. I love everything you do and everything that you are. So happy to be with you this New Year, and hopefully for the rest of our lives. Happy New Year!
  2. Partners for life – That’s what we promised and here we are celebrating another New Year’s Day together, growing stronger and braver with every passing year. Happy New Year to us! happy new year wishes for lover
  3. This is the time of the year where we select the negativity in our life and discard it. I can definitely say, that you would be the last thing discarded from my life, even if my life itself gets discarded. I love you, Happy New Year!
  4. The reason why I love you so much is not that you’ve been the best wife in the world, and have treated me like a king, it’s because you’ve never asked for anything in return, even though I was prepared to give the world to you, you only asked for my love. Thus, this is what I’m going to give you. I love you. Happy New Year!
  5. You are one of a kind. So many years together and I am still learning from you. Happy New Year to my partner in crime.
  6. Let’s celebrate tonight for all the wonderful lessons we lived through this past year. Happy New Year!new year wishes for her

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New year message for boyfriend long distance

  1. Some people go through life wondering if they could have done better. That wouldn’t be me because I am certain that I am living my best life with you. Cheers for a Happy New Year! happy new year wishes for lover
  2. I love everything about you. To me, you are perfect. Happy New Year to my Miss Perfection.
  3. Distance does not change the love I have for you. From across the seas, Happy New Year to my love.
  4. Tonight, I will toast to us as the fireworks go off and wish that we will be together for the next New Year’s Eve celebration. Cheers!
  5. Happy New Year to my love. You are my world. May this New Year bring you lots of blessings!
  6. I am so lucky to be your girlfriend. Happy New Year to the person who brings out the best in me.
  7. Happy New Year honey. I am glad to be with you. happy new year wishes for lovernew year wishes for her

New year wishes for boyfriend in English

  1. Happy New Year to the man I love dearly.
  2. I can’t wait for New Year’s Eve My love, I have something special to tell you.
  3. I love you so much, I can’t wait to see you. Happy New Year!
  4. This is a special moment in my life. Happy New Year to the most important person in my life.
  5.  My love. May you have a wonderful New Year!
  6. My love, thank you for making me feel this way. I like the way you cuddle me all night. Happy New Year!
  7. Of all the New Year resolutions I made, loving you was the only one I managed to keep. Tonight, I will renew that promise as we celebrate another new beginning.new year wishes for her

Romantic new year wishes for boyfriend

  1. It’s scary to see how we are so much alike. We are lucky to have found each other. That is certainly something to celebrate tonight and every New Year hereafter.
  2. Meeting you was destiny. I pray that we will be celebrating every New Year’s Day together from now on.
  3. Let the troubles of the past year be left behind as we look forward to a new year filled with love and fresh opportunities. Happy New Year, my dearest love.
  4. Let’s celebrate. New Year’s Day is a reminder that we have so much to look forward to today and for the rest of our lives.
  5. You brought light to my dark soul, and I am forever grateful that we are together. Happy New Year to my wonder woman.
  6. It’s a time to give thanks for we have been so blessed as partners. Happy New Year, love.
  7. You are my heaven. Happy New Year and thank you for everything that you are.new year wishes for her

New year wishes for girlfriend 2020

  1. You are all the reasons I need to celebrate New Year.
  2. Thinking of you. I can’t wait for New Year’s Eve. You are so beautiful. happy new year wishes for lover
  3. Happy New Year to the woman I adore. Can’t stop thinking about you.
  4. Another wonderful year to thank God for the blessings He has given us. Since the day we met, my life has changed for the better.  Happy New Year my dear!
  5. Happy New Year to the lover of my dreams.
  6. You promised you would be there for me at all times. Thank you for being there for me. Happy New Year to my one and only love.new year wishes for her

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New year wishes for her

  1. You are the other half of me. I would not be whole without you. That makes this New Year doubly special because we are together. Happy New Year, and happy days, my darling.
  2. We make a great team. Also, a great party pair. Let’s show the world a good party tonight. Happy New Year!
  3. Together forever with love, respect, and devotion – that’s us. New Year’s day is a great time to remember this vow. Happy New Year!new year wishes for her

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